Long Island City

Cycle has designed a mixed-use residential and commercial development on two lots in Long Island City. The two buildings include 28 rental apartments and 10,000 square feet of commercial space.

The project construction budget is limited, but the buildings are designed to provide good value. Heating and cooling for each unit is individually controlled, and building energy performance is expected to be 45% better than code requirements. The majority of residential units have windows on at least two sides, an unusual configuration for rental buildings in New York.

The buildings were designed for simplicity of construction, and utilize a limited number of building systems. Facades were designed to meet modular brick sizes and coursing, and to limit the need to cut brick in the field. A single window module predominates. Structural and mechanical systems are integrated to reduce ceiling heights. This attention to detail will make the buildings stand out in their neighborhood as examples of attractive, low cost, high quality development.