Caitlin Martusewicz, to participate in the Mentoring Series: Women in the Profession of Architecture

Join us on November 7th for the 2nd installment of the Women in the Profession of Architecture mentoring series, co-hosted by Cycle Partner, Caitlin Martusewicz CPHD and Lissa So of Marvel Architects. Caitlin will be speaking about her non-linear trajectory as a young professional, in matters of sustainable development, and energy efficient building.

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“You Will Prevail”
Anik Pearson, Principal at Anik Pearson Architect P.C., and Nancy Kleppel, Principal at Nancy Kleppel Consulting, invite young women in the profession of architecture to engage in conversations with experienced female professionals on a myriad of successful career trajectories. Each event will feature two inspiring women working in architecture and each will speak to a different focus – from starting your own practice, to finding the right type of practice for you, to balancing the profession and family life. In these conversations we will share stories, share tools, provide support and establish relationships among all attendees with the goal of ensuring young women in architecture stay encouraged and stay on course to thrive in the profession.